From conversations with regular commuters on subways everywhere, I gather certain things are similar, no matter which part of the world you are at; except perhaps Japan ☺

Here is my take on being at your best while on the subway, that could make commuting on a long metal tube, travelling at 80 km/hr, 50m below ground – less daunting.

• Offer your seat to elderly, pregnant women and those with huge / uncontrollable baggage.

• Might be a surprise to you but that pole is actually only for your hands; not to be cuddled or leaned on.

• Your bags shouldn’t be huddling on that empty seat next to you. Let an actual person have that seat.

• A little favor – let others fully exit the train before making a beeline for that seat which you have been eyeing since 3 stations ago.

• Just five words, NO EATING ON THE TRAIN.

• Try not to sleep in the train; worst still, rest your head on the neighbour’s shoulder and slobber.

• Never block the doors; move to centre of the cart. You are not going to arrive faster standing next to the door.

• I’m all into looking good, ladies but seriously, putting on your make-up in the train is an absolute NO.

• Gentlemen, while seated, keep your legs closed; very much appreciated!