I’ve met many brilliant women along my journey; some become close friends and some remain as acquaintance, from whom I might have learnt a lesson or two.

One of those amazing women becomes one of my closest friends. Our paths crossed 10 years ago in Oslo, Norway while lunching. She heard me speaking in English and because she is someone who goes to the States on very regular basis, she was interested to have a conversation with an English speaking person (Norway is predominantly Norwegian speaking). We clicked almost immediately.

From her, I learn to take it easy – I learn that life is too short for nitty gritties, I learn to let go, I learn that somethings might be difficult to forget but it’s important for my soul to always forgive, I learn to take care of my health as much as I do aesthetically and most importantly I learn to breathe.

Last evening, when things got a little overwhelming while I was trying to juggle the few hats I’m wearing right now, her words washed over me. I breathe; the kind of breath that goes in from my nose, all the way down to my tummy – resides for couple of seconds before I exhale all of the negativities inside me. I breathe and re-breathe; soon everything was back to where it was. #exciting #anticipating

Thank you, my dear friend. ❤