In business, one of the most important factors is building long-term relationships.

These long-term relationships are built through time with the correct social graces. In definition, social graces are skills used to interact nicely and correctly in social situations.

It is crucial to be listening. Pay attention, listen up, don’t interrupt.

Understanding Culture
Know what is accepted and what is not. The world is getting smaller and we all have got something to offer. Do your homework in advance.

Good Eye Contact
In direct communication, maintaining eye contact shows that you are interested. Just a reminder; be careful not to stare.

Remembering Names
Pay attention during introductions, write down the person’s name and details that might be crucial in building relationships.

Be On Time
Best opportunity for making a good first impression. Being on time shows respect to the other party; it’s an unspoken way of saying, “I value your time.”

Acknowledge & Respect
You can learn from everybody you meet; from the janitor to CEO of that Fortune 500 company. Acknowledge and respect everyone you meet in life. You never know how that brief encounter might change your life.

The Thank Yous
Always convey your gratitude.