My favorite picture of all time –
Farfar (paternal grandpa), Eirik & Magnus taken in 2011.
Cameraperson was Farmor (paternal grandma, believe it or not).

Feels like it was just yesterday when this was taken.

That’s the thing with pictures isn’t it – time seems to be on a standstill yet truth of the matter is;
moment passes, kids grow, people change.

Nothing is ever the same.

However, pictures give comfort; lets us re-visit. We can never re-live a moment but memories can be rejoiced.

Every time this picture comes to sight, that whole afternoon comes back to life.

I know this moment caught on camera will soon become a legacy; something Magnus and Eirik will look at in time and wonder what it will be like to have that kind of precious moment

Pic : 2011
Oslo, Norway