Leopard print is huge-r than huge these days; they are everywhere. The print that almost always receive bad rap and associated with dubious characters is making its comeback and should be embraced; just like Jacqueline Kennedy did in 1967, when she stepped out – hair all coifed, make-up flawlessly applied, elegant in her leopard coat.

However, I say it now and will say it over and over, whichever animal print you wish to wear, make it a faux one, please. No animals should be harmed for our vanity.

That said, lets look at ways to wear leopard print without looking tacky, trashy, tarty or perhaps even all the three.

• Leopard print maxi dress teamed up with a simple clean, button up jacket. I’ll then throw in a pair of strappy heels and finish off the look with a clutch.

• If you just wish to experiment with teeny print, go for leopard (print) handbag, drawstring purse or clutch; automatically fizzes up a simple outfit.

• I am so crazy about the leopard print long-line trenches. I’ll usually have on a simple black or white dress and just nonchalantly hang a leopard trench on my shoulder. This always receive second looks and compliments; so simple yet stylish not mention classy; quite a contradiction for leopard print’s reputation.

• With any animal print, the cleavage-or-leg-rule applies. Decide which one you want to bare; just not both!

• Leopard print shirt in soft, flowy fabric, jeans and heels; need I say more!

Either one of the above you choose, have fun with the piece.

All it takes is a little spring in your steps and lots of attitude; that will definitely seal the look!