Anjalika’s favourite mantra – DRESS HOW YOU WISH TO BE ADDRESSED.

Anjalika is an uber proud Asian, even prouder Singaporean, Kuala Lumpur-based Image Branding & Lifestyle Consultant. Her work revolves around individuals, groups and corporate clients. Anjalika is also an Image Writer, penning for few magazines in the region.

Ever since she can remember, Anjalika has always been big on dressing well and putting her best face and foot forward. She is a great believer on living life fabulously; being happy and celebrating oneself every single day

Anjalika was crowned Mrs Singapore Globe in 2017. She then represented her country internationally in Shenzhen, China. Anjalika was presented with the Child Advocate award for the work she had done and will continue to do.

Anjalika is a qualified Yoga and Super Yoga Kids instructor. This ancient Indian art is her passion and she has been practising it for the last 15 years. With her in-depth knowledge in this subject, Anjalika also owns a column in the Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors’ industry journal, YogaMail. That said, some aspects of yoga have been incorporated into her image work for optimum benefits. 

A voracious reader and writer, Anjalika is the Founder of Fab! Luxe, an online lifestyle magazine.  Click this link to check it out Fab! Luxe

Having been living in few exciting cities of the world, Anjalika prides herself as a citizen of the world. 

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