The recent news about a Swedish woman refusing to shake hands at a job interview and ended suing the company – who wouldn’t even consider her application because of this gesture or rather lack of, caught my attention.

Without going into who is right and who is wrong, I’d like to give tips to those who find themselves in this situation; no sue-ing necessary!

For any reasons, if a handshake is something that you cannot or will not do, simply nod your head in acknowledgement and say something that a handshake would have signified, “So pleased to meet you. However, I don’t shake hands.”

This is not in any sense an apology but simply a statement to show that you are not doing something that would otherwise be expected.

Whether you explain or not the reason behind not shaking hands, is up to you but be pleasant about it.

Afterall, shaking hands is a form of acknowledgement and manner of saying hello.