Being neat and presentable seems like the obvious thing to do for an interview. However, do pay extra attention to your PERSONAL GROOMING.

Littlest details do count; so let’s not neglect the following :

• Hair – Neat and groomed. Longer hair should be tied back

• Nails – Clean, cut short or neatly manicured

• Facial hair – Shaven; beards should be trimmed and tidy

• Don’t show too much – Ladies, before you leave the house, do take a second look in the mirror. That neckline, the skirt hemline; are you revealing a tad too much? When appropriateness is an issue, result is usually not favourable

• Shoes – Cleaned and polished. Make sure heels are repaired

• Breath and body odor – Non-existent. No strong perfume; any scents should be fresh and pleasant. Avoid cigarettes before interview

• Laptop bag / document folder / bag – Showing no signs of wear and tear

As much as it is true intelligence and wit scores high on the interviewer’s score sheet, never underestimate the power of personal grooming

Interviewers usually form opinions – subconsciously, based on your appearance. You really do not want these factors to dampen your chance for that sought after position