Phnom Penh, Cambodia – February 2017

Her last words to me was, “So, you come to Phnom Penh for holiday with your husband to be happy, happy…” her voice trailed off and she looked away sadly; the look of resignation, despair and a future so bleak.

Paal and me spent about an hour with the working girls of Phnom Penh on our recent visit. Hailed from villages all over, these ladies were tricked and somewhat forced into prostitution. They are all beautiful in their own rights; gentle – all dreaming of good future; for themselves and for their kids back home, wherever home is.

….up till today, her voice and those last words keeps repeating in my head. I don’t know if these ladies know – someone, somewhere is thinking of them, their predicament. Breaks my heart to know probably for most of them, there are no way out.

~ I wish you *bluebirds in the spring. To give your heart a song to sing: and then a kiss – but more than this, I wish you love ~

*Indigenous cultures across the globe hold similar myths and beliefs about bluebirds. It is a widely accepted symbol of cheerfulness, happiness, prosperity, hearth and home, good health, new births, the renewal of springtime

Feb 2017