I have always loved arriving into Singapore ‘s Changi Airport – gives me butterflies (in the tummy). Last week, the butterflies tripled. Here’s why.

I landed around 1530hrs in Changi; immigration was seamless. While proceeding to the baggage collection area, I noticed it was busier than usual; nothing drastic, simply more folks waiting anxiously for their bags to appear on the conveyors. After about 10 minutes, my bag was still not in sight; which is pretty uncommon for Singapore in my many years of arriving into Changi.

While I was observing those around, a tiny voice emerged from the back. “Excuse me, Ma’am. Your luggage will be taking a bit longer today. Can I offer you water, or you prefer soda or iced coffee perhaps?” I turned around to a trolley full of drinks, just like it would on a short haul flight. I accepted the offer of water. ‘Tiny voice’ went around giving out drinks to the rest of the waiting passengers. Everyone was in high spirits; laughing, chatting – nothing you’d expect in delayed baggage situation.

I was amazed, mesmerized even. Read about this few weeks ago but to actually experience it, is totally something else. Maybe I’m a little too easy to please. But this little heart of mine skipped a little; of pride.

The expression, a small gesture goes a long way, seems so apt that very moment.

A voice said in my head – now, that is one of the many reasons we are the 1st for 5 consecutive years!

~ Anjalika’s Travel Notes March 29, 2017 ~