One of the best things about being a smaller-sized individual is that I know there’ll always be something for me; in fact, there is an entire section made for petites. Petites are referred to those with height not exceeding 5’4 or 1.62m.

As much as the option on the rack is huge, getting it right can be a challenge. Here are my top tips to dressing a petite.

* You can still wear motifs, however, seek out smaller patterns that will not overpower your frame

* V and scoop necks make you look taller; this is definitely a trick every petite should know.

* Nothing too boxy, unstructured or baggy, unless you are cinching it on the waist with a belt

* Same colored top and bottom lengthens

* Skirts should either end on the thigh or go all the way with a floor length skirt or palazzo. Under the knee length work with some petites but can be a little tricky – almost always shorten an already petite frame. Having said that, do experiment on different lengths and see which fits you best.

* Go for smaller & daintier accessories – bigger items drown you; proportion is the key.