Be it in your gala best or toned down weekend look, the secret to dressing well always is in the proportion of this equation.

* 25% wardrobe staple
Whether it’s that leather pumps or flawlessly cut pair of trousers, wardrobe staples are the basis of all well-put together outfits.

* 25 % seasonal or statement pieces
There is no need to load on statement pieces from head to toe. The best put together outfit is all about balancing a statement piece with basics

* 20 % details
Pay attention to details; your hem sewn properly, undergarments – whether they are showing explicitly

* 20% balance and proportions
Strike balance between fabrics, ie. denim and cotton – colours, ie. red & black. Proportionally, balance a palazzo with a tiny tee or pencil skirt with a voluminous top.

* 10% a time and place for everything
Dress appropriately to the occasion.