Gentlemen, dressing-up for dress-down Fridays is more than just tee and jeans combination. Let’s get a little bit creative, shall we?

Here’s my take on feeling good and looking fine on a casual work day.

* Roll Neck Jumper and Trousers – Opt for good quality, no patterned rolled neck jumpers; stick with neutral colors. Team it up with cotton trousers and loafers.

* T-Shirt and Blazer – A well-fitted, white tee and blazer is always a winner. Make sure it’s good quality, 100% cotton material for that polished look. You may for opt for undistressed, unripped, clean, darker-colored jeans or cotton trousers and loafers.

* Suit and Trainers – This is easy to wear and just (oh) so stylish; however, taking one of the smartest pieces in menswear and pairing it with the most casual can be a tad tricky. Done correctly, it can make you look sleek, without trying too hard. The most important thing to note is to make sure your trainers are white and clean at all time, if this look is what you are after.

* Jumper / Sweatshirt and Shirt – Jumper with a crisp dress or oxford shirt always nail the smart casual style. Choose a comfortable casual trousers and a pair of loafers to complete the look.