If there is one thing I will never compromise while travelling is COMFORT. Many ask, is it even possible to have CHIC as part of this travelling-getup equation? Then, there’s the EFFICIENCY situation at airports, with security heightening-up.

Well, it is possible to have them all.

Here are my top tips :

• Planes can sometimes be fridgy; tend to be cold. What you need to do is first decide on the basic outfit then layer.
Layering, besides helping with the cold can be a great fashion statement. My favourite will be a pair of jeggings or tights, an off shoulder tee and layer it up with long, ankle-length flowy cardigan. Then, depending on my destination, if its to a colder place, will just bring along a jacket in my hand carry to complete the look at arrival.

• Another essential to note – scarf. Scarves are so versatile – to wrap yourself, put them around your neck, use as blanket and even folded-up as pillow.

• For the feet, nothing screams comfort and efficiency like a pair of slip-on shoes or sneakers.

• Try not wear things that will set off security sensors ie metal. Belts, accessories, heels are all sensor sensitive; meaning you have to take them off at each check. If you need to accessorise or wear heels, do that after security. Or if you are anything like me, have the heels in your carry-on and put them on before leaving the aircraft at your destination – and voila, you are good to go!

• The struggle of a good airport handbag is real, ladies. Afterall, we need our lappy, book, magazine, mints, a chocolate bar or two (or three), wallet, passport and make-up purse to be part our airport handbag ensemble, right? There are so many chic looking duffles available these days; you need something that is roomy enough to carry all your essentials but small enough to be under your seat. My favourite, see picture.