For most of us, selecting what to wear on daily basis is such a chore. Believe me, it doesn’t have to be that way. Try these foolproof tips to make you fall in love with your wardrobe.

1) Pull out some pieces you like but have not been wearing. Place them in front of your closet. Put together accessories that goes with each set of clothing. Repeat with 5 – 7 combinations. Voila! You are set for the week.

2) Remove worn-out items / items you no longer love / those that do not serve purpose anymore. If something looks way past it’s used date, remove from your closet so your favorite pieces stand out.

3) Hang clothes after use. By not leaving them in a pile on a chair or floor, you’ll save on washing and dry cleaning.

4) Uncomfortable items should be removed. No, you’ll not wear them (ever again), so please delete them out of your wardrobe.

5) Revive your leather items. Any leathered items that shows some wear, needs to be revived. Take them to a professional.

6) Remove the plastic from your dry cleaned items – Leaving freshly cleaned laundry in the flimsy plastic bag can cause yellowing, staining, and weakening of fibers. Remove the bags once you get the clothes home. That favourite dress and shirt will last longer.

7) Take out and inspect all jewelleries. Check for tarnished silver, polish them up so you reach for them more often. Necklaces and bracelets that have broken clasps; fix or ditch them. Replace any missing earring backs so they are ready to be worn. Untangle any necklaces and store them so they can be easily added to any outfit. Remove any items that doesn’t give you spark anymore.

8) Items that could benefit from tailoring get them fixed so they can be added and implemented to your new wardrobe strategy.