Firstly, this is not a daily happening in our home; which makes it even more special.

So a little over a week ago, Eirik pulled a stunt, sulked and refused to put on his shoes. After numerous pep talks, high pitched instructions and grumpy orders, still refused; yeah he’s the strong-willed one – sometimes i feel like sending him back to my tummy and ground him there for a couple of hours!
All these time, Magnus was just observing quietly. After what seemed like eternity (3 mins – I’ve a knack for exaggeration), a little voice said, “Its ok Eirik, small matter – I’ll put on your shoes for you.” So, off he went to take a white pair of shoes, squat on the floor and get on to ‘work’. At that time, this emotional Mamma can’t decide between beaming with pride and tear OR beaming with pride and smile OR both – I chose the last one (fortunately)

A small gesture but holds so much power; care, love, selflessness, (stop) sweating the small stuff, how kids emulate the adults in their lives – list goes on.

It is amazing to see how these two angels grow – emotionally, physically, mentally.

What’s even more significant are the lessons they teach us, in their own little ways.
~ While we try teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about ~

• Magnus – 1st born
• Eirik – 2nd born